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Weill Cornell Medicine Center for Virtual Care (CVC) and Department of Emergency Medicine Launch International Telemedicine Elective

This spring, the Weill Cornell Medicine Center for Virtual Care (CVC) and the Department of Emergency Medicine launched its first international telemedicine elective in collaboration with the Office of International Medical Student Education. The two-week course, aimed at fourth-year medical students studying outside of the U.S., looks to instruct students on how telemedicine can be an effective and comprehensive method of care, both in the emergency room and beyond.

Throughout the course, students attended virtual lectures, shadowed telehealth clinicians and participated in simulated virtual patient encounters. In addition, each student conducted a digital health research project throughout the course. The projects focused on the use of telemedicine in specialties like anesthesiology, pediatrics and oncology. The students presented their projects in front of Department of Emergency Medicine and Weill Cornell Medicine Center for Virtual Care (CVC) faculty and administrators at the end of their two weeks.  

The Department first launched the telemedicine elective in 2017 for Weill Cornell and visiting domestic medical students. The international course offers students outside of Weill Cornell Medical College an opportunity to learn about our telemedicine offerings, how they benefit patients and what the future of care looks like.

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