Telehealth Elective for Medical Students

Our Telehealth elective exposes students to the various aspects of telemedicine as a novel method for delivery of care.


The Telehealth elective is an introductory course to telemedicine clinical care in multiple contexts. The primary objective of the course is to expose medical students to telemedicine as a method for delivery of care and to better prepare students for a future where the remote provision of care will be increasingly common. The two-week elective in telehealth and digital health is open to fourth-year medical students.

A central theme of the course is that virtual care may be a new set of tools and skills, but it is a provision of medical care in other environments, and like all medical delivery, care by remote presence has unique strengths and weaknesses.


As part of the curriculum, students participate in lectures, shadow telehealth clinicians, and complete telehealth-related projects. In simulated video encounters with standardized patients, students conduct patient interviews; take medical histories over video monitors; and learn how to conduct virtual exams. The course also features reviews and evaluations of current literature on telehealth with a focus on evidenced-based practice.

How to Apply

Prospective students should email the program coordinator for additional information on enrolling in the elective.

Program Contact Information

Kaitlin Schullstrom
Undergraduate Medical Education Coordinator
Contact us for any questions about the Telehealth Elective for Medical Students

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