Medical Toxicology Division

The Weill Cornell Medical Toxicology Service is committed to clinical care, education and harm reduction regarding the effects of chemicals on the human body.


Dr. Rama Rao

Dr. Rama B. Rao

Since its inception in October of 2009, the toxicology service has provided over 3,000 consultations in the adult and pediatric EDs, internal medicine, critical care, neurology, surgery, burn, psychiatry, OB/GYN, and pediatric intensive care units and wards.

The toxicology group consists of four Weill Cornell faculty members board certified in both emergency medicine and medical toxicology, who provide bedside clinical care and consultations: Rama B. Rao, M.D. who serves as Chief of the Division of Medical Toxicology, Brenna M. Farmer, M.D., Elizabeth C. Moore, DO, and Michael Chary, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Farmer has a special expertise in medication safety currently serves as NewYork-Presbyterian Emergency Department Site Director at the Lower Manhattan Hospital. She also serves as chair of the American College of Medical Toxicology Subcommittee on Pharmacy and Therapeutics where she and Dr. Rao collaborated with the committee on the American College of Medical Toxicology (ACMT) Position Statement on The Role of Pharmacists in the Emergency Department. Both she and Dr. Farmer were awarded New York Presbyterian’s Pharmacy Partner Award. In 2021 Dr. Farmer was awarded the distinction of Physician of the Year. Dr. Rama B. Rao served on the Medical Toxicology Sub-board for the American Board of Emergency Medicine and is now a consultant for New York Presbyterian’s Second Opinion Program. She is Chair of the Forensic Section Interest Group of the American College of Clinical Toxicology and Clinical Director of Opioid Overdose Prevention for NewYork-Presbyterian Weill Cornell. Both she and Dr. Farmer serve on the ED Expert Advisory Panel for New York City’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene on harm reduction in opioid using patients. Dr. Moore specializes in medical education, envenomations, and critical care toxicology. She co-directs the emergency medicine resident toxicology academic specialty track, and directs resident and medical student toxicology education, coordinating with six other residencies and fellowships. She serves ACMT in multiple capacities including planning committees, editing and coordinating the Tox-in-Ten podcast, and developing the Women in Toxicology specialty section. Both she and Dr. Farmer were recognized as top contributors to the American College of Medical Toxicology in 2021. Dr. Chary, M.D., Ph.D., is well published in emergency medicine and medical toxicology and has received numerous grants and awards for his research which focuses on syndromic surveillance, emerging illicit substances and the role of artificial intelligence in medical toxicology.

Regionally, our toxicology attendings work with the teaching faculty at the New York City Poison Control Center and collaborate on educational programs and research with the NYCPCC fellows-in-training and other faculty. All members of our toxicology faculty have contributed to medical student, nursing, APP and resident education, peer review publications, textbook chapters, as well as regional, national and international lectures on toxicology. In addition to direct patient care, the medical toxicology service is helping to enhance medication safety throughout the institution.

Rama B. Rao, M.D., FACMT
Chief, Division of Medical Toxicology
Associate Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine
Department of Emergency Medicine

Our Services

Weill Cornell provides bedside and telephone consultations throughout the hospital for all patients acutely or potentially poisoned as well as those experiencing the effects of chronic overdoses, withdrawal syndromes, medication errors, environmental and workplace exposures, and adverse drug reactions. We are committed to medication safety, public health, and bringing dignity to patients suffering from substance use disorders.


Michael Chary
Michael Chary, M.D.
Instructor in Emergency Medicine
Brenna Farmer
Brenna Farmer, M.D., MBA
Chief, Department of Emergency Medicine, NYP Brooklyn Methodist Hospital
Associate Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine
Elizabeth Moore
Elizabeth Moore, D.O.
Assistant Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine
Rama Rao
Rama B. Rao, M.D., FACMT
Chief, Division of Medical Toxicology
Medical Director, SAFE Program
Associate Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine

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