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The mission of the Emergency Medicine Simulation Program is to provide qualified healthcare professionals with experiential learning opportunities to become leaders in interprofessional simulation education.


Kevin Ching

Dr. Kevin Ching

The Weill Cornell Medicine NewYork Presbyterian Simulation Center is a leader in interprofessional experiential healthcare education. As a comprehensive and integrated partnership between the Departments of Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, OB GYN, and Pediatrics, we strive to reinvent how knowledge is shared through simulation-based education. Our center creates and develops innovations in interprofessional education, collaborative research, and patient safety initiatives at NewYork Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center.

Kevin Ching, M.D.
Assistant Attending Physician
Assistant Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine
Department of Emergency Medicine

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BASE Camp is an international high-impact, multi-institutional program designed to provide multiprofessional teams of pediatric emergency medicine providers with the tools and experiential learning opportunities to practice interprofessional teamwork behaviors, advanced life support skills, advanced airway procedures, trauma resuscitation skills, and mass casualty incident disaster management. The course is led by over 75 interdisciplinary faculty from around the world. Nearly 2/5 of all new U.S. pediatric emergency fellows are trained by BASE Camp each year. For details:

The SIM Olympics- NYC Regional Pediatric Simulation Competition

The SIM OLYMPICS is an annual multi-institutional simulation competition where interprofessional teams compete to apply their collective medical knowledge and clinical skills in seven simulation-based Olympic events. These include multiple interprofessional high-fidelity immersive simulations and a procedural skills “Triathlon” obstacle course that encompass evidence-based medicine, procedural skills sets, teamwork behaviors, and overall ACGME core competencies. For details:


Our simulation-enhanced TeamSTEPPS team training initiative for interprofessional providers in the Departments of Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics employs clinical case-based simulations to reinforce interprofessional teamwork behaviors and skills such as team leadership, communication, situational monitoring/awareness, and mutual support.

The Transition to Residency Course (TTR)

The Transition-to-Residency program is a competency-based “capstone” course for graduating medical students at Weill Cornell. Its goal is to help graduating students seamlessly transition from medical school to internship. TTR features student-centered experiential learning activities integrated longitudinally around interprofessional teamwork, communication, patient care, resuscitation, cognitive, and procedural skills to empower students as active agents in their own learning.


Dr. Kevin Ching
Kevin Ching, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine
Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics

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