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Healthcare Leadership and Management Fellowship with Optional Executive MBA/MS

Our Healthcare Leadership and Management Fellowship is an Administrative Fellowship preparing Emergency Medicine physicians for future leadership roles in healthcare delivery.


Healthcare delivery has become increasingly complex, requiring physician leaders to develop a skill set not often obtained through traditional medical education or residency training. New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medicine is proud to offer a one or two-year, non-ACGME accredited Healthcare Leadership and Management (HLM) Fellowship through the Department of Emergency Medicine.

The mission of the HLM Fellowship is to cultivate physician leaders. HLM Fellows will be exposed to all aspects of the Core Emergency Department (ED) Leadership Team including operations, quality, innovations, technology, and many others. In addition, HLM Fellows will interface with leadership from New York-Presbyterian (NYP) Hospital. Direct mentorship will be provided by Fellowship Leadership, Core ED Leadership Team, and Department Chairman. Fellows will be given an academic appointment at Weill Cornell Medicine in the Department of Emergency Medicine. Overall, HLM Fellows will gain experience in leadership and management within an innovative Department associated with a top-tier hospital and a top-tier medical school.


Core ED and NYP Hospital Leadership

Active participation in administrative and leadership meetings is expected. Examples of such work groups include:

  • Emergency Medicine Core Leadership Team
  • ED Quality and Safety
  • ED Operations
  • ED Making Care Better
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Patient Flow Committee
  • Patient-Centered Care
  • Risk Management Committee
  • Patient Experience Fridays
  • Telemedicine
  • Clinical Experience

HLM Fellows will work the equivalent of 20 clinical hours per week and have opportunities to moonlight in the Weill Cornell and Lower Manhattan Emergency Departments. As ED Faculty, HLM Fellows will supervise Residents and Advanced Practice Providers in clinical areas. HLM Fellows clinical shifts will be structured to accommodate the required Executive MBA/MS courses and corresponding requirements.

Mentoring and Teaching Opportunities

HLM Fellows will act as teaching Faculty in our 8-week HLM Scholars program for Weill Cornell Medical Students, where leadership-focused medical students participate in an intensive summer immersion program. HLM Fellows will become teaching faculty in NYP Emergency Medicine Residency's Academic Practice Track in Administration, a longitudinal learning experience for PGY 1-4 EM Residents with a distinct interest in administrative careers.

Career Development with Executives

HLM Fellows will have opportunity to meet one-on-one with several executives from Weill Cornell Medicine and New York Presbyterian. These career development conversations are crucial for professional growth and provide HLM Fellows with a mental framework for their future careers in healthcare leadership and management.

Journal Club

HLM Fellows will participate and lead quarterly journal clubs, which focus on areas of leadership development and healthcare management. Attendees include Faculty, Nursing, and Advanced Practice Provider leadership, ED Administration leaders, as well as leadership-focused Residents from NYP EM Residency.

Capstone Project

HLM Fellows will lead a project during the latter portion of the Fellowship. Capstone project scope will depend on HLM Fellow’s career goals and NYP Hospital and EM Departmental needs.

Writing, Publishing, Speaking

HLM Fellows will be expected to publish, write, or speak about their capstone projects or about any other topics for which they are passionate. Examples include: writing an opinion piece for a professional media source, publishing an operational study in a professional journal, or lecturing at a local Residency conference.

Executive MBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership

For two-year HLM Fellows, they will fully integrate as an EMBA/MS graduate student in the Cornell University’s SC Johnson College of Business. This fully-funded degree experience will provide professional networking and unparalleled exposure to experts in their respective healthcare leadership disciplines.

Compensation and Benefits

  • Academic Faculty appointment at Weill Cornell Medicine and credentialing as an Attending Physician at NYP/Weill Cornell Medicine
  • Full-time Faculty Benefits package from Weill Cornell Medicine.
  • Annual compensation at the current PGY salary over the course of the one or two-year commitment. Moonlighting opportunities will increase annual compensation.
  • Annual attendance at an Emergency Medicine leadership or management conference, paid in full by the NYP/WCM Department of Emergency Medicine
  • *Full tuition for Executive MBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership from Cornell’s SC Johnson College of Business, paid in full by the NYP/WCM Department of Emergency Medicine
  • Membership to American Association for Physician Leadership (AAPL)
  • Numerous mentorship and networking opportunities through New York-Presbyterian Hospital & Weill Cornell Medicine
  • Collaboration with Research and Data Informatics staff
  • Consistent mentorship from Fellowship, Operational, and Department leadership

*Pending admission to the Executive MBA/MS Program, to which Fellows will need to apply and gain admittance separately

Program Leadership

Rahul Sharma, M.D., MBA, CPE, FACEP
Professor and Chairman
Department of Emergency Medicine

Robert Tanouye, M.D., MBA
Director, Healthcare Leadership & Management Fellowship
Director, Clinical Services
Assistant Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine

Jean Scofi, M.D., MBA
Assistant Director, Healthcare Leadership & Management Fellowship
Director, Informatics and Analytics
Assistant Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine

Jane Torres-Lavoro, MPH
Program Manager, Healthcare Leadership & Management Fellowship
Manager, Special Projects and Education Programs
Department of Emergency Medicine

How to Apply

  • The competitive application process seeks up to two (2) Fellows for a one-year or two-year Fellowship
  • Ideal candidates will be recent graduates of an Emergency Medicine Residency with a proven track record of leadership (e.g. Chief Resident, hospital committee leadership, etc.), who wish to accelerate their careers as physician leaders and seek an advanced management degree.
  • The one-year Fellowship option is encouraged for those with graduate-level management degrees or those who do not wish to obtain one, who seek an immersive experience into ED and hospital leadership roles.
  • The two-year Fellowship option is encouraged for those seeking a fully paid Executive MBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership program offered through Weill Cornell Medicine and the Cornell University SC Johnson College of Business concurrently with the ED leadership experience.
  • As a prerequisite, all HLM Fellowship candidates seeking the two-year Fellowship must meet criteria for acceptance to the Executive MBA/MS program and must participate in the same application process as all other Executive MBA/MS applicants.

Contact Information

Interested candidates should send a cover letter that describes your managerial and leadership interest and experience, 2 letters of recommendation, and a curriculum vitae to: 

Jean Scofi, M.D., M.B.A.

Mailing Address
NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
Weill Cornell Medical Center
Weill Department of Medicine
525 E. 68th St., Box 179
New York, NY 10065

Office of the Chairman
525 E. 68th St., M-130
New York, NY 10065
(212) 746-0780

Residency Office
530 E. 70th St., M-124c
New York, NY 10021
(212) 746-0892

Leading Emergency Care